Intelligent Tool Measurment System

ITM system

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GF AgieCharmilles has introduced the Intelligent Tool Measurement (ITM) system on its HSM 400U LP high-speed milling machine. According to the company, this system boasts accurate tool measurement and greater process reliability in the machining of complex, intricate parts.
Unlike traditional laser measuring technologies that are prone to pollution and can lead to inaccurate measurements, ITM provides unbeatable accuracy by using optical tool measurement at full spindle speed. Available on several of GF AgieCharmille’s high-speed milling (HSM) machines, ITM does not measure just one single point; it optically inspects the whole tool contour.
Image sensors on the GF AgieCharmilles milling machines measure the tool and analyze its attributes such as length, diameter, radius and tip quantity and quality. ITM then compares the results against a previously inputted image of the tool. If the ITM senses pollution, such as chips or coolant drops, it digitally cleans the tool before making the measurement. In fact, ITM provides incomparably accurate measurement of the tool’s geometry and typically offers an absolute Z-reference and tool radius below the range of ±1 micron in the process.