Integrated Modular Cabling Standardizes Core Signal Wiring

With the PFA Switchmax, it is now possible to connect all core position sensors into single press inputs for set and pull and block unwanted signals.


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PFA Switchmax mold wiring solution.

Photo Credit: PFA Inc.

With PFA’s Switchmax mold wiring solution, it is possible to connect all core position sensors into single press inputs for set and pull, and provide operator side LED light indications for core positions. Secondarily designed for blocking unwanted signals, the system includes cross-connected sensor verification for mechanical switches, 3-wire PNP integration and relay sensor adapters for universal IMM connections. 

With an available neutral wire from the press, technicians can use the two set wires and two pull wires to connect to the PFA system’s 5-wire output cable—Set Power, Set Signal, Pull Power, Pull Signal and Neutral. The 8-port Junction Box provides connectivity for 8-set (Amber LED) and 8-pull (Green LED) sensors—16 total. Additional boxes can be connected together, as needed, or outputs routed to a remote integration box. Unused ports are bypassed with jumper plugs for simple system operations, with no complex programming or setups.

For shops that have a variety of molding machines with different input requirements, such as requiring a voltage drop to turn on the inputs, the Switchmax SM-RSACOM box allows them to switch any control signal directly back to the control input for a universal connection. Switchmax can also be used to integrate multiple ejector switches or secondary backup core indications.