Integrated CAM Solutions Improve CAD Data Access and Reuse

Integration of HOOPS Exchange, with OPEN MIND hyperMILL and hyperCAD-S tools maintain product manufacturing information and data integrity.


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Integration of HOOPS Exchange and OPEN MIND hyperMILL and hyperCAD-S tools

Photo Credit: OPEN MIND Technologies

Integration Tech Soft 3D’s HOOPS Exchange, data access and reuse technology for manufacturing, architecture, engineering and construction workflows into hyperCAD-S and hyperMILL from OPEN MIND Technologies USA Inc. ensures that all CAD and product manufacturing information (PMI) data are transferred seamlessly between applications.

hyperMILL is a modular CAM solution for 2.5D, 3D, 5-axis, HSC/HPC and mill-turning processes. Including special applications and highly efficient automation solutions, the CAM software provides technology-geometry analysis and toolpath calculations. Specialized routines are designed for efficient programming and machining of components on 5-axis milling or mill-turn machines. Robust CNC post-processors are also provided to assure strong communication to machine tool controllers.

Connection to HOOPS Exchange enables fast access to the full integrity of data, the ability to use that data without the need for an additional translator and extreme performance with low memory usage for the building of robust and sophisticated 3D applications.