Instant Access to Tooling Data through Web-Based Storage

Tool Stats

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Tool Stats is a web-based storage technology that allows users to store, access and update tooling data anytime, anywhere. The communication process is streamlined by directing people to access their needed information from the website: You do not have to deal with CDs, USB drives or stacks of paperwork from different toolmakers, instead the information can be saved on the site. Each project purchased receives its own ID # and password and is available anytime to whoever needs it. Your information is stored in a secure location and can be password protected.

Tool Stats was developed for companies that are wasting valuable time, money and productivity because they can’t easily access or communicate their tooling data. Tool Stats provides a central platform for OEMs, tier suppliers and toolmakers to communicate data. For example, a toolmaker can post all of its critical data—such as design info, maintenance guidelines, production settings, bill of materials, pictures, videos etc.—and make that information instantly available to suppliers or customers to reference.

Available too is a Tool Stats App that can be downloaded for free onto your smartphone, giving you the ability to manage your tooling data from your phone. With each project purchased through Tool Stats you receive a plaque (see photo) with a QR bar code that will be fastened to your tool, so when you scan the bar code with your phone using the app you can access all of that tool’s data. If you are on the shop floor and notice a maintenance issue you can take a picture with your phone, log the problem on the Tool Stats site and forward the link directly to the toolmaker to reference—without ever having to go back to your computer.

Tool Stats specifically targeted the automotive tooling industry for the initial product launch, but has plans to enter more markets.