Inserts Designed for Submarine Gating of Plastic Parts

Superior Die Set, amerimold 2014 Booth 221

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Midi Flow “cashew” style gate inserts from Superior Die Set (Booth 221) is a new line of Exaflow tunnel gates designed for bottom (submarine) gating of plastic parts as heavy as 100 grams per insert and suitable gate diameters as large as 1.8 mm. Using the Midi Flow, a gating point up to 8 mm above or below the parting line can be achieved. Its spherical geometry permits gating on inclines and curved surfaces.

All Exaflow tunnel gates offer clean, precise, and consistent de-gating of parts while still in the mold. Standardized sizes facilitate interchangeability, which is ideal for balancing multiple cavities and for easy replacement, the company says.

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