Injection Molds Offer Variety of Features

Times Plastic Mold, amerimold 2014 Booth 734

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Times Plastic Mold specializes in manufacturing complex injection molds with cams, slides, lifters, core pulls, collapsible cores and hydraulic cylinders. Single-face, stack, unscrewing, bi-material, and gas-assist technologies can be supported. The company also offers mold presses ranging from 90 to 2,800 tons. 


  • Baffle Blades in Plastic Injection Molds

    Turbulent-flow plastic baffles eliminate blow-by, significantly improving cooling and cycle times.

  • Mold Side-Actions: How, Why and When They Work

    Understanding the effects of injection on the core, slide and associated components is critical to selecting the best side-action methods for a given application. This first of two articles will discuss the basic physics underlying all side-actions.

  • Mold Side-Actions: Applications Rule the Action

    With a firm understanding of the effects of injection on the core, slide and associated components, this second of two articles will discuss emerging modular technologies which provide alternatives to the limited solutions previously available.