Injection Molding for Prototyping and Sampling

Plastic Technologies presents a cost-effective alternative to package validation and market tests.

Brand owners interested in conducting package validation testing (performance, filling line, shipping, etc.) and small test market distribution before committing to a wider launch now have access to a cost-effective alternative. Converters needing development and production support also can tap into a new resource.

Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) has added new injection molding capability for prototyping and sampling of preforms, which the company says reduces cost and lead time, and improves speed-to-market.

According to the injection molding services sector of PTI, it is not uncommon for a brand owner to prefer validation testing in reduced allocation, but suppliers that deliver in smaller amounts are rare, or things like scheduling and capacity require bottlemakers to offload injection-molded preform production. PTI says its new prototyping and sampling feature assists in both of these situations.

PTI has added Husky’s Adapt tooling capability to its all-electric Arburg injection molding machine. The mold base features a valve-gated hot runner that enables one to four cavities to be molded per cycle. If desired, a single cavity can be built for the initial development, and then scaled up to four cavities for larger sampling requirements—ideal for supporting smaller product launches.

In addition to PET, polypropylene, polylactic acid, polyethylene, bio-based polymers and other materials can also be injection molded via the new tooling.