Indexable Milling Insert


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The ISCAR products of the latest HIGH QLINE family of cutting tools offer an interesting solution to the chatter or vibration in metal cutting that poses an eternal challenge for manufacturers: “Indexable Milling Insert with an asymmetric shape”. This insert opens up new opportunities for reduction of vibrations in metal cutting, the company states.

The design of the new one-sided insert HM90 ADCT 1505 ...-CF follows a different and unique approach compared to traditional milling inserts in the market, the company states. The insert has different helix angles on the two cutting edges and the two edges are colored gold and black. The concept is to mount gold and black edges alternately resulting in variable helix configuration for the cutter.

This feature ensures significant improvement of the cutters’ performance in shoulder milling by reducing vibrations. Typically, the tool life of the insert increases by 15 to 20 percent and the power consumption is reduced by 10 percent or more.

This solution is suited for less rigid set-up, long overhang applications, thin-walled work pieces and problematic work holding, etc. The company adds that these inserts are also suitable for already existing cutters as well as the Heli-Mil Family of milling cutters.