Indexable Insert Drill Redesigned with New Flutes for Added Strength

According to Seco, the re-engineered Perfomax indexable insert drill has new hardened flute fronts, chip control, quick evacuation and a longer tool life.

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The Seco Tools, LLC Perfomax indexable insert drill has been re-engineered. According to Seco, the new Perfomax delivers higher drilling parameters and longer tool life as well as exceptional chip control and evacuation. Features include new flute designs with special anti-friction surfaces and laser-hardened fronts for added strength, stability and accuracy.

Perfomax flutes feature improved helix angles, smoother chip flute exits and Seco’s engineered wave pattern that minimizes contact between chips and flute surfaces. Seco says the drill generates shorter chips that evacuate quickly and easily to significantly reduce the risk of chip jamming for higher application security.

The new drill has a 140-percent longer drill body tool life. A Seco laser hardens the fronts of Perfomax’s flutes. A hardness of HRC 60 enables the drill to withstand chip erosion for much longer periods of time. The re-engineered design of the drill also features a bigger radius at the bottom of the drill’s insert pockets for added rigidity. Perfomax drill bodies are available in diameters ranging 0.594–2.375" (or 15–59 mm), in length-to-diameter ratios of 2xD, 3xD, 4xD and 5xD and in most spindle interfaces.