Improved Mold Monitoring System Technology Eases Data Monitoring

Improvements to Progressive Components and AST Technology’s CVe Live Technology, which works with the CVe Mould Monitoring System, are designed to improve user convenience.


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Recent advancements of CVe Live include an enhanced dashboard that provides a snapshot of a company’s entire fleet of tools and a customizable tool tab that displays tool information and performance metrics, including efficiency and cycle-time averages for the trailing hour, 24-hour and week-long periods. Advancements also include a tablet feature that enables presses to be assigned to a tablet, providing machine operators a portable and simplified interface to enter rejects and downtime codes.

Additionally, CVe Live now has an exceptions dashboard for manufacturing cells, which shows content that is intended to be displayed on a large TV or monitor and keeps track of any exceptions that occur on the machines that are assigned to the dashboard. The data transfer option provides for any data that CVe Live collects to be manually or automatically output to an Excel or JSON file, simplifying the transfer of data to existing systems.

AST Technology, a subsidiary of Progressive Components, develops and supports CVe Live. AST Technology designed the product to integrate with a company’s existing systems. CVe Live is configurable to automatically export any of the data collected or information that is entered by users.