Hydraulic Locking Cylinder

amerimold Booth #540; Hydraulic Locking Cylinder

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At amerimold, DME (Madison Heights, MI) will present its hydraulic locking cylinder for plastic and die cast tools. The cylinder actuates core pulls and mold slides in injection molds, reducing design, machining, fitting and maintenance time compared to traditional slide assemblies.

The cylinder’s mechanical lock incorporates a segmented ring that is pushed outward and held by the tapered piston in a cylinder groove. This provides advantages over traditional cylinders, which require heel blocks in order to withstand loads that result from injection pressure within the molded part cavity. 

The cylinder uses proximity switches to sense when the cylinders are fully extended or fully retracted, and the piston has a built-in cushion at the fully-retracted stroke end. A key benefit of the cylinder is that it enables smaller mold base sizes and stack heights, improving efficiency. The cylinder’s opening movement also operates independently of the mold opening. The piston can be retracted before the mold opens, resulting in reduced cycle time.




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