Hybrid Tooling; Booth 430

JMMS engineers hybrid tooling to optimize manufacturing.

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JMMS offers hybrid tooling to increase output without re-engineering production lines.  Company engineers optimize part design, mold design and construction, combining innovative engineering and alternative materials.

JMMS hybrid tools transfer heat much faster than molds made with traditional tool steels, featuring additional cooling channels and cavity pressure transducers (CPTs monitor plastic pressure in the mold, for more precise metering and material injection).

These are robust solutions capable of a one million shot warranty, with a 20-30% increase in production volume due lower material requirements, faster cooling and shorter cycle times.  JMMS engineers can also help improve dimensional control of plastic parts, while offering superior durability and corrosion resistance (JMMS engineered a recent hybrid tool to remove 2 lbs. of plastic from the product and reduce cycle time by thirty seconds). amerimold Booth # 430

JMMS will be at amerimold 2012 in Booth 430. Register today for a free exhibit hall pass and a $50 conference discount compliments of MoldMaking Technology.