Hybrid Machine Combines Additive, Milling

The machine combines DMLS technology with high-speed milling to produce finished components.

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Sodick’s OPM250L, a hybrid machine that combines direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) with high-speed milling into the same workspace, enables single-process production of finished components. The One-Process Machine (OPM) is Sodick’s first foray into  DMLS technology. It is primarily designed for use by moldmakers, with the ability to create conformal cooling channels within a finished mold.

The OPM250L also enables machining workpieces before printing is complete, making it possible to alternate laser sintering and milling passes. In addition to its usefulness in producing conformal cooling channels, this capability also helps reduce the number of parts necessary to produce a mold.

Sodick has developed Z-Asso, a dedicated CAM system, for this integrated machine. Z-Asso is capable of importing CAD data, generating laser and machining data, optimizing cutting along high-load areas, and simulating the process to accurately estimate production time. The machine provides further process improvements by enabling unmanned and remote machining.