Hot Sprue Nozzle Has Two Heaters for Thermoplastic Resin Processing

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The Osco 35 Series hot sprue nozzle (HSN-35) has a head heater and a heater for the tip.


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OSCO Inc. Runnerless Molding Systems has a new 35 Series hot sprue nozzle (HSN-35) that is designed to fit ¾″ bores and is engineered to process virtually any thermoplastic resin, such as Peek, LCP, Ultem, Nylon and other high heat resins that are filled or unfilled. Two new heater designs characterize the HSN-35. A new compression cover to the head heater maintains thermal properties in the locating ring area. The second heater is for the tip. It is brass-embedded, and Osco says that it provides an excellent thermal condition at the tip area.

Osco says that the HSN-35 enables easy implementation of hot runners, one sprue at a time, in either a retrofit or new mold application. Osco has dozens of nozzles that fit into either the ¾″ or 1″ clearance bores.

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