Hot Runner Unit Presents High Precision Control

The Hasco Primezone H1281 hot runner control unit includes an ergonomic interface and comprehensive diagnostic functions.


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Hasco Primezone H1281 hot runner control unit.

Photo Credit: Hasco

Hasco’s hot runner control unit Primezone H1281 offers moldmakers a reliable system with high control accuracy, an intuitive interface and comprehensive diagnostic functions that guarantees stable processes and quality injection-molded parts.

Monitoring functions protect the controller, the hot runner system and the mold. Integrated mold diagnosis checks the wiring of hot runner components before start-up, and recognizes potential assembly errors, preventing mold damage and expensive repair costs.

A 10-in. touch screen display offers a clear overview of all functions and allows easy operation of the controller. Innovative operating functions support the user during input at all navigation levels. 

Additional features include externally mounted cooling units for consistent heat dissipation, increasing reliability and extending service life. Hasco notes that the control circuit fuses are now accessible from the outside, enabling quick replacement without having to open the control housing. 

Four models are currently available, from 6 to 96 control zones. Three desktop versions, 6 to 48 zones and a floor-standing mobile version for 64 to 96 zones. 


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