Hot Runner Systems for Automotive Lighting Applications

‘Plug ‘n Play’

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Synventive Molding Solutions (Peabody, MA) has released a line of hot runner systems specifically designed for automotive lighting applications. Typical applications are the molding of lenses used on the front and rear exterior of vehicles.

These new valve gate ‘Plug ‘n Play’ systems feature Synventive threaded (screwed-in) nozzles (12E/16E/22E models, depending on the application) with pneumatic cylinders. Using threaded nozzles eliminates the need for support/center rings at the nozzle head area, therefore preventing any heat release in the critical area where the melt changes direction from runner to nozzle. Providing a constant temperature profile along the melt channel and a perfect flow channel alignment assures the best part quality in these demanding applications.

Because of the challenges of molding lens materials such as PMMA and Polycarbonate, special gate geometries and tip materials were developed by Synventive for the optimal aesthetic surface finish on the molded part. High performance heaters with integrated thermocouples are used near the gate surface, along with stainless steel cooling bushings, for the best possible hot/cold material transition. This results in an excellent gate surface on the lens.

For rear light lenses with 3-D surfaces and multiple colors (usually clear and red), Synventive offers direct gating onto the lens surface, which is normally molded from PMMA. For front light lenses, which are typically molded from polycarbonate, Synventive offers the cold-runner solution and also direct gating options.

On a recent front light lens production application for a leading global molder, Synventive provided a hot runner that gated directly onto the clear PC lens at a non-visible part section. This provided perfect part surface quality and eliminated the need to remove and dispose of the cold runner. Eliminating the need for that operation provided significant savings to the molder. In addition, for this application, Synventive provided a hot runner system for molding the black PC lens housing.

Synventive systems are being used for numerous optical parts like head and rear lenses, light guides, LED-lenses, bezels, metalized reflectors and housings which require a perfect part surface. Synventive also provides solutions for technical parts in the automotive lighting market for applications which use high-temperature resistant polymers and parts that are used with challenging thermoplastics for the newest developments in optical systems and light cone adjustments.

Systems are provided completely pre-wired and ready to install, and all Synventive hot runner systems come with the global support and the most experienced sales and service team in the industry.