Improved Valve Gate Tip Range Offer Durability, Efficiency, Increased Gate Life

Mastip improves the endurance of its Guided Valve Gate Tip range with a tungsten carbide and TIN coating, meeting required performance even with abrasive polymer applications.


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Mastip's G5 carbide tip range.

Photo Credit: Mastip

Global hot runner company Mastip recently launches the latest development in its Guided Valve Gate Tip range (GVG5) with a focus on durability, efficiency and long-term value. Delivering precise valve pin alignment for cylindrical gates, the GVG5 tip aligns the valve pin before shutting off in the gate to improve gate life.

Available in both thermal and valve gate options, the GVG5 tip range is engineered specifically to process highly filled engineering polymers with fillers like glass or carbon fiber, and talc. Mastip Guided Valve Gate Tips are constructed from tungsten carbide with a TIN coating for high wear and corrosion resistance, reduced maintenance and service, improved tip lifetime and, as a conductive material, still offers the required performance for demanding applications involving abrasive polymers. 

Further, Mastip is offering a 5-year warranty to cover abrasion and corrosion on its premium G5 Carbide Tip range; this is said to be the highest warranty in the industry for consumable that processes engineering-grade polymers with no shot limit.