7/7/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Hot Runner Nozzles Designed for Thin-Wall and Thick-Wall Applications

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HRSflow presents hot runner nozzles of the MTR range, designed for both thin-wall and thick-wall injection molding processes, from its Multitech line.


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HRSflow Multitech offers hot runner solutions in the multicavity sector for injection molds that are designed for large-scale production of packaging, caps and closures, articles for medical technology, electrical and electronics and parts in the automotive industry. The focus is on high cavity numbers, short cycle times, homogeneous balancing and rapid color changes. The MTR hot runner nozzle is available in three specifications: MTR-T, MTR-M and MTR-S. HRSflow says that all three have a nozzle tip that is highly resistant to wear and tear.

The MTR-T nozzle is designed for the injection molding of large containers with wall thicknesses as thin as 0.45 mm and a flow length to wall thickness ratio up to 350. These nozzles can withstand injection pressures up to 2,200 bar and high melt throughputs up to 180 g/s. With their high process stability and use of in-mold labeling, these hot runner nozzles are suitable for decorative injection molding.

The MTR-M nozzle works for the injection molding of polyesters that produce thick-walled parts with a high-gloss finish. When used for cosmetic packaging, household items or medical technology, MTR-M nozzles produce wall thicknesses of 20 mm.

The MTR-S type can produce wall thickness up to 20 mm as well, but it was made specifically for the injection molding of Surlyn, a crystal-clear ionomer from DuPont.


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