Hot Runner Mold and Cable Checker Troubleshoots Mold System Failure

PCS Company’s Mold X Checker and Cable X Checker offerings detect open and shorted circuits and troubleshoots faulty temperature control cables respectively.


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PCS Company Cable X Checker

PCS Company Cable X Checker 

PCS Company highlights the expansion of its molding solutions options and is  offering two new off-the-shelf products for hot runner mold and cable checkers.

The Mold X Checker is a diagnostic tool that can be used to detect open and shorted circuits in hot runner systems before power is applied. In addition to eliminating the need for manual Ohm reading, saving maintenance time, the tool can also be used for 5, 8 and 12 zones. The tool is portable and comes with a 9-volt battery for the power source. 

PCS Company Mold X Checker

PCS Company Mold X Checker

Alternatively, the Cable X Checker is a bench top cable tester that troubleshoots temperature control cables that may not be functioning properly. It ensures 100% accurate testing via diagnosis of faulty or damaged wiring, and offers style wiring for 5, 8 and 12 zones. The tool eliminates 576 pin-to-pin tests, and tests a 24-pin cable (12 zone) in less than a minute. Made for portable use, the Cable X Checker includes a 9-volt battery for the power source. 


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