Hot Runner Controller


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Athena Controls, Inc. has introduced its next generation BEDROS Hot Runner Controller. Specifically designed for medium-sized, multizone applications, the new BEDROS is compact, robust, and specifically designed to deliver more functionality than standard controls—inclusive of expanded mold storage capabilities and a fully featured yet intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen that greatly simplifies various module system setup, control and storage function, the company reports.

Key BEDROS features include 8 to 32 zones of control with 15 amps per zone, simple operations with network communications, a user-friendly color touch screen with intuitive HMI and built-in buttons for joystick operation, and an overview screen for summary of all zones—including process valves, setpoints and alarms.

BEDROS also allows access to configure single or multiple zones with minimal effort, naming of zone groups for quick selection and configuration, capacity to store/restore multiple setups that can be copied to flash drives for export to other injection molding machines, and a host of other standard operating and monitoring features.