Horizontal Machining Center


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Mitsui Seiki’s (Franklin Lakes, NJ) 2500 mm HU100A-5XLL Horizontal Machining Center is now available and designed for machining large, complex, and heavy (up to 6600 lbs.) hard metal parts. The custom engineered machines were supplied to primarily aerospace, power generation, refrigeration, and mold and die parts manufacturers as all of these industries have fundamental common requirements for machine rigidity and stiffness for low frequency machining and high accuracy, the company states.

The HU100A-5XLL offers an X, Y, Z working envelope of 2500mm x 1750mm x 1400mm (98.4 in. x 68.9 in. x 55.1 in.). The A and B tilting and rotating trunnion table axes represent the 4th and 5th axes of motion. The standard spindle offering is a 50 taper, although many manufacturers taking extra heavy roughing cuts in titanium and tough steels could opt for the HSK 100 or HSK 125 spindle with extra high torque—3332Nm (2457 lb.-ft.). The FMS-ready machine has a pallet size of 1700mm x 1000mm (66.9 in. x 39.4 in.) and accommodates weight up to 3000kg (6600 lbs.). The automatic toolchanger accommodates 360 tools with lengths up to 500mm (19.6 in.), diameters to 305mm (12 in.), and weights of 30kg (66 lbs.).


The high accuracy and ultra rigidity of the new HU100A-5XLL come from the builder’s close monitoring and analysis of its 3D Finite Element Designed structure, its craftsmanship and methodology of hand scraping all castings for geometry and frequency tuning, and its use of hardened and ground steel box ways. Further, all critical components for the new machine are designed, manufactured, and quality-controlled in-house at one of the world’s most advanced machine tool factories.