2/17/2017 | 2 MINUTE READ

HMC Built for Large, Heavy Part Production

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Makino’s a120nx horizontal machining center, the largest machining platform within the nx series, is designed for heavy-duty manufacturing of oversized components.

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Makino’s a120nx horizontal machining center, the largest machining platform within the nx series, is designed for heavy-duty manufacturing of oversized components. It features X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 74.8", 63" and 66.9" (1,900, 1,600 and 1,700 mm), respectively, and a standard pallet size of 39.4" × 39.4" with capacity for parts weighing as much as 11,000 lbs. The machine’s automatic pallet changer switches from one pallet to the next in 38 sec., minimizing non-cut times.

The HMC is capable of storing as many as 204 tools ranging in size to 35.4" long and 14.0" in diameter, and weighing as much as 77 lbs. Tools are loaded into the automatic toolchanger (ATC) from an easily accessible, ergonomically friendly exterior loading station to prevent operator fatigue.

At the foundation of the machine is a three-point supported bed casting to ensure all points are stable and contacting the floor. Developed to maintain the machine geometry and alignments, this design characteristic simplifies installation and enables easy relocation of the machine. Building on the rigidity of the bed casting, the a120nx uses a tiered column design said to deliver greater resistance to Z-axis cutting forces throughout the work envelope. Robust cross-roller-style B-axis table bearings work in concert with a high-force rotary clamping system to ensure stable cutting throughout the machine’s expansive work zone.

The a120nx is equipped with Makino’s four-cone pallet location and clamping system that delivers a secure 46,500 lbs of force on the pallet. This superior clamping capability, combined with all pallets built to a master pallet, eliminates deflection.

To further ensure ideal geometry and accuracy, the HMC has a number of systems in place to manage the heat generated by rapid traverse of 2,126 ipm. For one, the ballscrews are core-cooled in all axes to give consistent accuracy during continuous production.  Moreover, the ballscrews are all dual supported and pre-tensioned to ensure dynamic positioning repeatability.  Feature-to-feature movement distances on large parts are typically much greater, so rapid traverse rates were increased in order to cover these expansive distances quickly.

Beyond its proven speed and accuracy, the a120nx also improves productivity in cutting and non-cutting performance. The standard high-torque, 8,000-rpm spindle boosts continuous power levels. With 50 continuous (74 peak) horsepower available, this spindle is well-suited for heavy roughing of iron castings and hard-metal applications. Also available is an optional 18,000-rpm high-power spindle that is suited to high-metal-removal-rate machining of light alloy structural components.


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