High Thermal Conductivity Steels

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Problem-solving specialty steels.


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Ellwood Specialty Steel featured its new line of High Thermal Conductivity Steels (HTCS) from Rovalma S.A., an innovative steel manufacturer specializing in problem-solving specialty steels.

HTCS alloys offer plastic moldmakers a unique combination of high hardness and high thermal conductivity, resulting in a mold with excellent wear characteristics and high cycle rates. Thermal conductivities comparable to competing copper-based materials can be achieved in combination with the high hardness of tool steel.  These properties result in shorter cycle times, better dimensional control, less wear from filled plastic compounds, and best of all, reduced part costs.

Ellwood Specialty Steel is currently stocking three grades of this material, each with a unique performance profile with the potential to solve a variety of common mold and die problems. Material is available in round and flat sizes. Ellwood Specialty Steel is the exclusive North American distributor for Rovalma S.A. products.


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