High-Strength Aluminum Series Ideal for Various Mold Types

Constellium offers its Alumold series of high-strength aluminum. Alumold is available in a range of grades, enabling its use for specific types of molds.


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Constellium offers its Alumold series of high-strength aluminum. The material is specifically designed for toolmaking and two grades in particular stand out: one to provide the highest possible strength and hardness available and the other one to operate at high molding temperatures (up to 200°C).

Alumold is well-suited for series production in injection processes, with high clamping forces during the molding phase. The series also includes benefits such as polishing well, meeting high-transparency on plastic parts; injection cavities can be acid etched or laser engraved with simple textures or complex geometric patterns; offers strength, polishability and texturing options.

It is also ideal for processes such as composite molding, thermoforming, foam or EPS molding (expanding polystyrene) and RTM; fits series production in low and high pressure processes; and ensuring consistent properties across every thickness.


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