High-Speed VMCs

Haas Automation, Inc. (Oxnard, CA) will showcase its line of high-speed VMCs at Westec.

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Haas Automation, Inc. (Oxnard, CA) will showcase its line of high-speed VMCs at Westec. The new large-frame VM-6, a high-performance VMC, provides the accuracy, rigidity and thermal stability required for high-precision work. It has 64" x 32" x 30" travels, a 12,000-rpm spindle driven by a 30-hp vector dual-drive system, a 24-pocket side-mount tool changer and a high-speed control with full look-ahead capability. It features massive cast-iron construction, with extensive internal ribbing on the castings to increase rigidity and damp vibrations. High-precision linear guides on all axes further increase rigidity, while offering low-friction and long-term reliability. High-speed brushless servos, combined with fine-pitch ballscrews and high-resolution encoders, ensure precise positioning and extreme repeatability. To meet the needs of shops requiring the heavy-duty cutting capacity of a 50-taper machine in a small footprint, the VF-3YT/50 vertical machining center with extended Y-axis travel features a 40" x 26" x 25" work envelope and a 54"x25" table—an increase of 6" over the standard Haas VF-3. The extended Y-axis travel is achieved through a larger base casting, yet the new machine retains a footprint only slightly larger than the standard VF-3. Heavy cast-iron construction provides the rigidity and stability necessary for heavy cutting, and the wide T-slot table provides plenty of room for fixturing and large parts. This machine comes standard with a 30-pocket side-mount tool changer and a 30-hp, 7500-rpm geared-head spindle system that delivers up to 450 ft-lb of torque. Standard features also include an automatic chip auger, programmable coolant nozzle, floppy drive, remote jog handle and the Haas Visual Quick Code programming system.