High-Speed Steel Jobber Drill Delivers More Holes

Dormer Pramet’s Precision Twist Drill HX series can deliver up to 70% more holes in moderate conditions, 18% in heavy and 30% in light conditions. 


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Dormer Pramet Precision Twist Drill HX series

Photo Credit: Dormer Pramet

Dormer Pramet’s long-time Precision Twist Drill brand continues to illustrate its quality and consistency with the HX series of High-Speed Steel jobber drills, which offers a purple/bronze oxide finish for increased wear resistance.

According to the company, the series combining the toughness of HSS substrate with a 135° split point design, which reduces thrust requirements and eliminates drill “walking” while providing greater strength and rigidity than general purpose drills. Users can also achieve increased efficiency and better tool life resulting in reduced cost per hole.

Compared to other high-speed steel, heavy-duty jobber drills, Dormer Pramet says the PTD HX can deliver up to 70% more holes in moderate conditions. The versatility of the industry’s “Go-To” jobber drill extends beyond medium strength materials, delivering 18% more holes in heavy conditions and up to 30% more holes in light conditions.

With optimal flute geometry for effective chip evacuation, the PTD is said to run faster and more efficiently. The HX is available in HX10 (fractional sizes), HX15 (letter sizes) and HX18 (wire gauge sizes).

The Precision Twist Drill HX is also available in a 29 piece fractional set (sizes 1/16-½ inc. x 64ths). 


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