High-Speed Mill Features Three-Axis Linear Motor Drive

Originally titled 'High-Speed Mill Features Three-Axis Linear Motor Drive'

The HM4030L high speed mill features a three-axis linear motor drives that uses a Siemens 828D CNC control and drives and Chmer linear motors.

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EDM Network and Chmer EDM introduce their newest model linear motor drive, the HM4030L dust-free, graphite, high-speed mill at Amerimold 2018. The mill features a three-axis linear motor drive that uses a Siemens 828D CNC control and drives and Chmer EDM linear motors. The optional dust-free oil shroud is unique to the Chmer high-speed mills and is offered on all three standard models HM43GT (graphite only), HM65GT and HM86GT (graphite and hard metal). These are all available in both ball screw as well as linear motor drive configurations. EDM Network and Chmer EDM offer a model configured for companies that already have a vacuum system, or EDM Network and Chmer EDM can set it up for both.


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