High Productivity HMC

Productivity is at its peak when machines operate unattended for full shifts or longer.

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Productivity is at its peak when machines operate unattended for full shifts or longer. That’s the objective shops often achieve when they add Doosan Infracore’s (West Caldwell, NJ) Super-Capacity package to the popular HP4000 horizontal machining center.

The package consists of either of two multi-pallet APCs –a compact, semi-circular system with a 7-pallet capacity (shown), or a double-tiered linear system with a setup station and 12, 24, and 36 pallets. In both systems, the pallets are generous 15.75" x 15.75" and support loads up to 880 lbs.

Add a tooling magazine with capacities of 116, 170, or 262 tools, and either a hinge, scraper, or drum filter type chip-disposal unit, and productivity can continue unattended and unabated for hours.

Even without its Super Capacity package, Doosan’s HP4000 is characterized as a high productivity, economical machine that combines speed with power. For speed, the horizontal machining center combines a 14,000 rpm spindle, 1.5 second tool-to-tool changes, and 2362 ipm rapid traverse. For power, its 30 Hp motor generates 139 ft. lbs. of low-end torque, enabling heavy cuts in the toughest materials.

The HP4000’s 40-taper spindle is a true cartridge type that’s supported by four precision class, permanently lubricated bearings. A refrigerated spindle cooling system circulates oil around the spindle and motor flanges. This maintains cool, consistent temperatures across a broad range of ambient and operating conditions.

A 60-station ATC is standard with the larger sizes previously mentioned as options. The system uses a fixed address, shortest path tool-change method. CAT 40 tools are automatically returned to their original pots, minimizing the risk of collisions.

Standard with the HP4000 are dual rotary tables with a shuttle APC capable of changing pallets in a quick 7.0 seconds. The table can be indexed in 1 deg. Increments. Strong air jets discharged from the tapered cones during pallet changes remove chips from the cones to assure accurate pallet positioning. The pallet system can be easily modified to meet a variety of operating needs and conditions.

Heavy duty linear motion roller guideways provide superior acceleration/deceleration performance. High torque servos couple directly to the ball screws, eliminating gears and preventing backlash and servo drag.

The Super Capacity package is also available for Doosan’s larger HP5100 horizontal machining center.

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