High-Performance Unscrewing Device for Multi-Cavity Molds

DME’s servo unscrewing device for injection molds, has the ability to rotate the core itself 180º for 2 shot applications, unscrew then eject after the second shot.


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DME servo unscrewing device

DME’s latest servo unscewing device “multi” (SAM) technology from its Servomold brand, is said to meet the demands of high-performance injection molds with the unscrewing function. With high precision and process reliability, short cycle times, long service intervals and a maintenance-friendly design, the servo-electric drive provides an accessible alternative for injection molding tools. 

This system has the ability to rotate the core itself 180º for two-shot applications, unscrew then eject after the second shot. With 1x to 96x unscrewing concepts, SAM is for all internal type threaded applications. It is also cleanroom-suitable, and maintains a compact design.  

More specifically, the Servomold threaded core technology is based on a separation of the forming components of the torque steer from the drivetrain. The spur wheel and thread core are guided freely movable by a splined shaft — radial driving forces are absorbed through thin section bearings at the spur wheel. Simultaneously, the rotational movement of the spur wheel is transferred via the splined shaft to the threaded core and enforced by a guide thread nut a helical motion which corresponds to the pitch of the form thread.

According to the company, the main advantages of these drives are the control of the angular position of the motor shaft and the controllability of the speed, acceleration and deceleration, which enables an outstanding position. In connection with a planetary gearbox a drive unit is formed, which is well-suited in terms of torque and speed for the use in
injection molding tools.

Indexing plates for 2 shot applications and cooling cores are available.