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High-Performance Toolpath Engine

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VoluMill™ v4.0


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Celeritive Technologies (Cave Creek, AZ) has released VoluMill™ v4.0. The latest version of the ultra high-performance toolpath engine includes the Active Chip Thickness Control (ACTC™) interface, which makes it easy to achieve even greater reductions in rough milling cycle time, and the new Non-Concentric Milling technology, designed to reduce tool load and improve chip clearance.

ACTC moves beyond the concept of chip thinning and provides direct control over the actual chip thickness throughout their rough milling programs. This active management of chip thickness is producing reductions in cycle time up to 35 percent over current VoluMill toolpaths—which were already up to five times faster than typical toolpaths, according to the company.

The software’s Non-Concentric Milling technology locates arcs at different center points, so that each successive pass begins its arc move sooner than on the previous pass. As a result, the tool load changes more gradually, and the chips evacuate more easily,

VoluMill has proven itself time and time again as the fastest, easiest and most economical way to increase the competitiveness of machining operations, the company states. CEOs and CFOs see increases in profitability and greater return on capital assets. Sales people have found they can be much more competitive with bids. Operations Managers enjoy increased shop throughput and scheduling flexibility, plus reductions in cutting tool costs and inventory. NC Programmers benefit from the quick learning curve and ease of use. And machine operators just plain love how it sounds when cutting.

VoluMill runs as an integrated solution inside many industry-leading CAM systems. The standalone VoluMill Universal™ product, designed to work with any CAD/CAM system, is also available.



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