6/11/2013 | 1 MINUTE READ

High-Performance NC Simulation Software—SPRING Technologies, Booth 525

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NCSIMUL Machine 9


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SPRING Technologies will demonstrate its recently launched NCSIMUL Machine 9. With NCSIMUL Machine 9, SPRING customers are stepping into an NC simulation environment that is more realistic, intuitive, and integrated, with extended features dedicated to multi-axis and multitasking machining centers. Further, the software package has been developed to interconnect with other company-wide software systems, such as MRP, ERP, and MES, the company reports.
This software offers users a unique experience where CNC realistic simulation, integrating all machine, tools and material parameters, quickly becomes a day-to-day part of a manufacturer’s lifestyle, according to the company. It also features new ribbon technology navigation, enabling users to work more efficiently. Tasks are now accessed via tabs that break down into tasks and sub-tasks. The new interface has been specifically designed to work on touch screen devices to facilitate mobility. The intuitive and context-sensitive icons are presented as a rapid access bar, boosting programming productivity.
The "NCSIMUL Machine hub" apps enable users to browse any shared jobs or replay NC simulations with one-click. Flexible project-based management, tree organization, project/article/sub-article, jobs copied between projects, simplified search mechanism, job templates are among the new features in NCSIMUL Machine 9.
Also, the software makes full use of Intel’s multi-core processors and multithreading. Collision detection and material removal calculations are performed simultaneously. Algorithms have been revised and optimized to support ISO decoding, probing, material removal with tools in 3D, and optimized cutting conditions.
NCSIMUL Machine 9 also provides new interactive programming features that automate G-code generation from 3D motions or allow dynamic editing of the NC program to see the consequences in the 3D view. In addition, the newest 3D functional dimensioning module, particularly geared to sub-contractors enable users to add 3D graphics to workpieces and create a document describing the list of dimensions that need checking at each machining stage. This is a significant step forward toward a paperless factory, the company adds.
SPRING will be at amerimold 2013 in Booth 525. Register today!



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