High-Performance CAM Software


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At EMO in Hall 25, Booth K16, OPEN MIND Technologies AG will introduce hyperMILL® 2013 CAM software. The hyperCAD®-S CAD software, which is specially geared toward the requirements of CAM users, the company notes. The extensions and innovations presented in hyperMILL® are extremely versatile, including form contour compensation for gentle movements during abrupt changes in direction, the hyperMAXX® module for high-performance roughing with dynamic feedrate adjustment, and various special applications, according to the company. The Rib Milling feature automatically detects grooves to be milled, and steep areas and floors are machined separately.

Another module with great optimization potential is the tire module, which speeds up the process of manufacturing tire molds. It features a new Tire Browser, which is completely integrated in hyperMILL®. The tire clock component of the Tire Browser contains all relevant tire design information (segment, tracks, pitch sequence, pitches).

Additionally, hyperCAD®-S will be displayed, which the company notes has been developed from scratch, so the architecture, core, graphics, database, user interface and API are all newly designed and coded. The specifically developed hyperCAD®-S core ideally supports imported data. Users have the advantage of being able to easily modify any of the geometry elements at any time. Curves and free-form surfaces are depicted using Bezier and NURBS geometries. In addition to the familiar basic elements for construction, the core now also provides a number of elements that specifically aid CAM programmers, including tool paths, polygon networks, point clouds and a rectangle element.

Also, the dynamic feedrate adjustment of the hyperMAXX® high-performance cutting module for hyperMILL® reduces milling times, increases tool life and prolongs machine life, the company adds. This is accomplished by preventing sharp edges or sudden changes in milling direction. hyperMAXX®  is now available for 2D pocket milling, 3D arbitrary stock roughing and five-axis shape offset roughing.