High Output Hot Runner Package

HyPET™ High Performance Package

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Husky Injection Molding Systems (Bolton, ON) offers its next generation HyPET™ High Performance Package (HPP) for high output preform injection molding. With these latest enhancements, HyPET HPP delivers industry‐leading cycle times and increased energy efficiency, while maintaining the highest levels of reliability, repeatability and preform quality.

As a single source supplier, Husky is able to make system level improvements that optimize management of the melt stream from pellet to part, resulting in higher preform quality and a significantly improved ability to mold thinwall preforms. For example, for a 500 ml still water application it is possible to manufacture a preform with a side wall as thin as 1.5 mm and thread wall of 0.8 mm.

This system can reduce cycle times by at least 5 percent in comparison to previous industry‐leading HyPET HPP cycles, as well as improve energy efficiency by up to 15 percent in comparison to standard HyPET systems, the company states.

An evolution of the existing platform, the new HyPET HPP offers several advantages, including greater process stability and superior part‐to‐part consistency. Enhanced system level integration has several benefits, including simplifying the start‐up procedure, maintaining optimal operating tonnage, as well as alerting when maintenance is required.