High-End CAD/CAM System; Booth 706

Version 3.5.

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Tebis Version 3.5 features mostly-automated NC programming and improved process safety, as well as increased speed and greater reliability in all CAD/CAM tasks. The numerous structural and functional enhancements provide substantial productivity gains for Tebis stations. Proven, well-tested structures are an important prerequisite for productive work, and Tebis Version 3.5 provides a wealth of new options for storing such structures.

For instance, the new job-plan technology maps the throughput in the manufacturing process and provides a broad overview and a detailed preview of the machining in advance. All manufacturing information is then stored centrally and knowledge is stored permanently.

The integrated machine library structures and visualizes the customer's individual physical machines, providing a useful preview of the actual machining situation; and, there is a new ability to perform collision and travel-limit switch checks prior to NC programming.

Version 3.5 can optimally adapt tool data to the individual machining tasks right from the start, eliminating incorrect cutting data on the machine. Plus, it automates and standardizes repetitive machining tasks in a more focused way than in previous versions.

It also has parameterizable and variable NC templates that automatically select the required machining and collision elements using structures and criteria from the CAD dataset.  The variable NC templates (NC sets) also enable defined machining sequences to search automatically for the appropriate tool based on the part geometry.

Additional features include: new residual-stock strategies and expansions in 5-axis milling and digitized data processing.

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