Heavy Duty Machining

FVM-3016DCL Series

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Chevalier Machinery’s FVM-3016DCL Series offers heavy-duty structure and a powerful spindle, the company states. The machine features a one-piece portal frame mounted on a one-piece structure, heavily ribbed cast-iron base that forms a steady foundation without vibration. The over-sized column and box-type beam construction features additional machine rigidity. The whole travel of table is fully supported; and the heavy-duty roller guide ways adopt an XYZ-axis—providing a better acceleration and preventing stick-slip problem.

The spindle motor, ball screw and double counter-balancing cylinders are all properly located at the best positions to avoid unequal torque while ensuring the best structural accuracy. A forced circulation cooling and lubrication system is applied to the spindle, bearing and gearbox to reduce thermal strain on the spindle and extend the life span.

The machine has a FANUC 0iMD is a standard control feature with a 8.4" TFT LCD display. The 0iMD control also comes with the AICC high-speed machining contour control. It has smoothly 3-D interpolation contouring con­trol and an optional 200-block look-ahead function. An Ethernet connection; easy-access, front memory card slot; and a huge data-server memory capacity are among the many standard features.

The FVM-3016DCL Series also offers two spindle speeds: a 6000rpm, high/low-gear spindle range for ample power output and a high-speed range for fine-cutting results. The spindle head is located at the center of the beam, providing high-movement accuracy, superior heavy-cutting capability and outstanding rigidity. The 30HP motor with two-speed gearbox can generate 609NM torque.

The machine’s table size ranges from 126" x 57" to 165.4" x 57" with a table load ranging from 14,330 lbs. to 17,637 lbs. The XYZ travel ranges from 122" x 63" x 30.7" to 161.5" x 63" 30.7".