Hardware/Software Automates CNC Machining; Booth 222



ToolMaster will be introduced to the North American market at amerimold 2012. ToolMaster is a powerful program that together with a laser measuring device allows a company to run its CNC machines continuously without any operator intervention, this is only limited by the number of parts that can be clamped on the machine and the number of positions available in the tool changer.

ToolMaster continuously monitors the condition of the cutting tools during CNC machining and changes them for duplicate tools whenever the tool in use is measured out of a user defined tolerance. Once programs have been run for one part, ToolMaster automatically starts machining the next part. If a tool break is detected the part being machined is automatically locked out from further machining to prevent a collision with parts of the broken tool.

Key features include: continuous monitoring and management of cutting tools during CNC machining; temperature compensation of thermal expansion in real time; automatic creation and management of tool database; automatic creation of tool table and tool setup lists; and, generation of reports after machining is finished.

ToolMaster will exhibit at amerimold 2012 in Booth 222. Register today for a free exhibit hall pass and a $50 conference discount compliments of MoldMaking Technology.