Guides Combine High Rigidity with High Speeds

THK, amerimold 2014 Booth 711

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THK’s (Booth 711) Types SNR-H and SNS-H guides are compact versions of it Type NR LM guide, boasting enhanced block, radial, reverse-radial and lateral rigidity. By approximating the curvature of the rolling surface with the ball diameter and by increasing the contact surface area of the balls, the LM guides offer greater load capacities than roller-type guides. There also is no occurrence of locking phenomena caused by roller skewing in roller types, the company says.

A high degree of positional accuracy can be realized during rapid operation, eliminating differential slip and resulting in smooth movement. Smooth movement can be further achieved through incorporation of THK’s Caged Technology, which isolates each of the load-carrying recirculating elements in the LM guides in an individual cage or pocket. This cage prevents ball-to-ball or roller-to-roller contact and the associated friction. The cage also acts as a reservoir for lubricants, eliminating the need for an external lubricating system. Other benefits include increased speed and accuracy of motion; decreased noise levels; long-term, maintenance- free operation; and reduced sources of contamination.

The radial Type SNR-H and the four-directional, equal-load Type SNS-H guides are available in identical dimensions, and both are compatible with standard types of linear motion guides.

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