Guide System Offers Precise Positioning in One System

The Agathon Guide System Plus performs guiding and centering tasks for the precise positioning of mold halves/mold components using only one system, increasing planning reliability, boosting productivity and reducing overall production costs.   


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Agathon Guide System Plus.

Photo Credit: Agathon Machine Tools

Agathon Machine Tools now offers its new Guide System Plus, which performs guiding and centering tasks for the precise positioning of mold halves/mold component using only one system. Ideal for cleanroom, high-precision, micro-injection molding and high-temperature applications, the system is said to increase planning reliability in production, boost productivity and reduce overall production costs.           

By design, each bushing and pillar comes with a freely positioned retaining ring that is adjustable to various plate thicknesses for improved adaptability when repairing or converting tools to newer guide systems.  One component can be used in multiple designs.

The guide system bushing is equipped with precision heavy-duty rollers. Agathon says these allow for higher travel speeds compared to conventional slide guides. With minimal line contact by the rollers, serviceable life is said to be increased by 5-12X. The high-precision rollers also provide consistent, accurate movement of mold halves/plates, ensuring alignment repeatability and consistent part quality.

The Agathon Guide System Plus comes in 15/25/32/40-mm sizes. The company also offers engineering design assistance.