Graphite Grades, Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings—Poco Graphite, Booth 132

graphite product line

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Poco Graphite will highlight its graphite product line, which consists of more than 100 material grades for use in the EDM, glass handling, semiconductor and industrial market segments. In association with Entegris Specialty Coatings, the company also offers UltraC Diamond diamond-like carbon mold coatings formulated for improved wear resistance and increased lubricity to eliminate galling, and capable of running without grease or other lubricants. UltraC-HT is suited for tough applications and UltraC-L is formulated to improve release in the mold. Both coatings are only 1- to 2-microns thick and do not require a change in component dimensions.

Poco Graphite will be at amerimold 2013 in Booth 132. Register today!