GibbsCAM 2004 CAM Software

GibbsCAM 2004 from Gibbs and Associates (Moorpark, CA) is available.

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GibbsCAM 2004 from Gibbs and Associates (Moorpark, CA) is available. Enhanced process simulation capabilities have been added to GibbsCAM—providing dynamic view orientation, the ability to export STL model of work-in-process stock for reuse, and comparison between in-process stock and finished part. This release also officially introduces the new GibbsCAM TMS (Tombstone Management System) module, which significantly improves the efficiency of programming tombstone fixtured parts. In conjunction with TMS, a new Machine Simulation option is also offered to allow program motions to be validated against machine tool models to identify potential problems reducing the need for dry-runs on the shop floor.

The enhanced Cut Part Rendering process visualization capability introduces dynamic view orientation without requiring the image to be regenerated, control of various scene aspects like lighting orientation, material colors and background, and transparent stock display. It also supports comparing work-in-process stock against the part to identify uncut areas. The work-in-process stock can also be saved to be used as the starting point for subsequent Cut Part Rendering simulations.

GibbsCAM TMS streamlines the programming of multiple parts on tombstone fixtures automatically generating the offsets and rotations necessary to support a variety of part layouts and machining strategies. Using TMS, the programmer defines the placement of parts on tombstones along with master part programs and the system then instantiates and offsets the programs for all similar parts on the tombstone.

The software also introduces a new Machine Simulation capability that allows part program motion to be validated offline. Using the Machine Simulation option, an exact model of the machine tool is built and is setup with fixturing and tooling in the same way the real machine tool would be configured on the shop floor. The machine tool motion as determined by the CNC program can then be validated to ensure that collisions do not occur.

GibbsCAM 2004+ also ensures compatibility with the latest versions from mainstream, PC-based CAD vendors as well as integrated MCAE systems.