Generator Technology for Increased Accuracy on Die Sinker EDMs

Exopuls+ Liquid-cooled Generator Technology

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Methods Machine Tools, Inc. (Sudbury, MA), a leading supplier of innovative precision machine tools, has announced that new exopuls+ liquid-cooled generator technology, a breakthrough in the spark eroding process, which is available on Exeron® GmbH die sinker EDMs distributed by Methods. The exopuls+ technology is specifically designed to increase cutting speeds and dramatically reduce electrode wear during the roughing and finishing cuts, resulting in more accurate parts. New exopuls+ generator technology offers extremely reliable, precision machining. Each eroding pulse can be monitored quickly by the Exeron control, resulting in a consistent machining process. For optimal efficiency and performance, the new exopuls+ generator technology features an innovative, compact power source design (about the size of a notebook computer) which minimizes energy usage and sheds only a small amount of heat. The liquid cooled power supply dissipates heat completely ensuring the temperature level of the electronics remains constant and the machining process runs stable and repeatable. An integrated finishing unit provides high-quality finished surfaces on a variety of materials including CU/graphite-steel of VDI 12 and WCu-carbide of VDI 0. The exopuls+ liquid cooled generator technology, available from 60 amps through 240 amps, is standard on Exeron Die Sinker type EDM machines from Methods. Exeron GmbH Die Sinker EDMs offer a full range of sizes and options, and offer features like a dropdown work tank, C-Axis and full automation capability.