Gear Unit for Stack Molds Increases Output and Precision

Meusburger’s gear unit for stack molds doubles output capacities while also offering higher precision and stability.

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Meusburger’s E 8630 gear unit for stack molds is built for stability and precision. The unit comes in two compact sizes, module 3 or module 4, which enable increased precision and quality, the company says. Closed housing provides stability and safety. According to the company, this unit is designed for use with stack molds because stack molds enable more efficient production. The unit’s assembly is equipped with ground and induction hardened gear racks and gear wheels. These are available with a length of 800 to 1,200 mm in either module size. The unit’s smaller teeth achieves more accurate synchronization, the company says.

An additional feature is the DLC coating of the force-absorbing gliding plate, which reduces wear and extends durability. The compact design of the unit enables it to be used in injection molding machines with a small tie-bar spacing. The installation and exact positioning can be done either via milled pockets or dowel holes.


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