Gating Solutions Increase Productivity and Eliminate Cold Runners

Husky says its Ultra Helix valve gate is designed to last as long as the other parts of a mold.

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Husky Injection Molding Systems launched the Ultra Helix valve gate, which Husky says the Ultra Helix valve gate will last as long as the other parts of the mold. The Ultra Helix valve gates can last for millions of cycles, which increases productivity and lowers cost. Husky says that when combining the Ultra Helix valve gate with the Ultra Sync-E hot runner and Altanium controller, customers have achieved more than 15 million cycles without the need for gate or nozzle maintenance. And, with the Ultra Helix, it is possible to replace a nozzle tip without having to repair or change the cavity.

Husky’s Ultra SideGate technology is designed to eliminate cold runners. Husky says that the Ultra SideGate eliminates complex assembly steps that, if done incorrectly, can lead to plastic leakage. Additionally, the Ultra SideGate does not require any software and procedures that are usually associated with side gates. With Husky’s new Ultra SideGate Inline, it is now possible for users to control the temperature at each tip.

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