Gate Actuator

Rheo-Pro® VA4010 Black Box™

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MHS Mold Hotrunner Solutions has introduced the Rheo-Pro® VA4010 Black Box™ pneumatic valve actuator. The valve gate cylinder performs even under the most extreme operating conditions by doing away with elastomeric seals, lubricants and cooling, according to the company. This technology is ideal for both high temperature and clean room applications.

Increasingly, automotive, medical and electronics manufacturers rely on high temperature plastics such as PEEK, LCP, PSU, PEI and PPS for their special properties. Processing these materials requires high melt temperatures of up to 450°C in the hot runner and mold temperatures of over 200°C. The VA4010 delivers precision performance in these hot conditions, without cooling or wear.

This technology is characterized by its durability and ease of maintenance. No more production outages to replace seals. This feature makes the cylinder especially attractive for 24/7 continuous operation in high endurance tools running mass production. Without the VA4010, cylinder maintenance is very complicated in high temperature environments, especially for stack and tandem molds.

The Black Box™ is the first economic alternative to electric valve gates in clean room manufacturing environments (e.g. for medical plastic parts). It is especially well suited for sterile high cavity molds, because there is no abrasion of sealing material or contamination from lubricants.

The instantaneous switching accuracy of the cylinder is in the millisecond range. Synchronicity across all mold cavities ensures that each part fills with absolute consistency. Its speed and reliability make the Rheo-Pro® VA4010 ideal for cascade injection and sequential valve gating.

The height of the valve pin (or valve stem) can be adjusted accurately using the easily accessible, 1mm fine thread in the piston. This makes fine tuning quicker than with conventional valve gate hot runner systems and contributes to improved surface quality on the gates.