Gas-Heated Furnace Optimizes Mold Preheating

Grieve’s furnace heats up to 2000°F(~1093.3°C) and 7-inch-thick floor and wall installation enable consistent heating. 


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Grieve Corporation No. 862 gas-heated furnace.

Photo Credit: Grieve Corporation

Grieve Corp. introduces No. 862, a gas-heated 2000°F(~1093.3°C) furnace currently used for preheating molds. The furnace has 750,000 British Thermal Units per hour (BTUh) installed in four modulating natural gas burners with a floor-mounted combustion air blower. Workspace dimensions are 36 inches wide x 48 inches deep x 36 inches high.

The unit retains 7-inch-thick insulated walls, comprising 5 inches of 2300°F ceramic fiber and 2 inches of block insulation. The 7-inch-floor insulation contains 4 ½ inches of 2300°F firebrick and 2-½ inches of block insulation.

Controls onboard No. 862 include an automatic door switch to drive burners to low fire when the door is opened and an air-operated vertical lift door. All safety equipment required by the IRI, FM and the National Fire Protection Association Standard 86 for gas-heated furnaces is also included.


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