Gas, Electric Furnaces Used for Preheating Molds

Grieve’s No. 862 and No. 863 furnaces both are currently used for preheating molds.

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Grieve’s No. 862 and No. 863 furnaces both are currently used for preheating molds. No. 862 is a gas-heated, 2,000°F (~1,093.3°C) oven that features 750,000 Btu/hr. installed in four modulating natural gas burners with a floor-mounted combustion air blower. Workspace dimensions are 36" × 48" × 36". No. 863 is an electrically-heated, 1,400°F (~760°C) box furnace that features 52 kW installed in nickel-chrome wire coils supported by a stainless steel frame. A heat resisting alloy recirculating blower is powered by a 7½-hp motor with a V-belt drive and provides upward airflow to the oven. Its workspace dimensions are 30" × 48" × 30".

No. 862 has 7"-thick insulated walls comprised of 5" of 2,300°F ceramic fiber and 2" of block insulation. The 7" floor insulation contains 4 1/2" of 2,300°F firebrick and 2 1/2" of block insulation. Controls onboard the oven include an automatic door switch to drive burners to low fire when the door is opened and an air-operated vertical lift door.

No. 863 also has 7"-thick insulated walls with stainless steel covers. This oven was specially built with inert atmosphere construction, which consists of a continuously welded outer shell, high-temperature door gasket, sealed heater terminal boxes, inert atmosphere inlet and inert atmosphere outlet. Onboard controls include a motor-operated vertical lift door and a four-point strip chart recorder.

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