Four-Layer Coating Provides Wear Resistance, Toughness

LMT Tools, amerimold 2014 Booth 425

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The NanomoldRed coating from LMT Tools (Booth 425) combines four layers into a hard shell and soft core for extra wear resistance and toughness to perform in both soft and hard materials greater than 54 HRC. The four-layer structure is designed to ensure excellent adhesion while keeping the heat away from its core, resulting in prolonged tool life.

The first layer is a bonding layer that enables a soft transition from the carbide substrate, while the first core layer provides good thermal insulation and a lowered stress for added impact strength. The second core layer offers abrasion resistance to ensure consistent finishing process reliability in either dry machining or MQL applications. Finally, the top layer, in a new, highly visible color, is said to add to the ease of wear detection, offer near-flawless surface finishes and resist built-up edge.

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