Flexible Miniature Drills

CrazyDrill Flex

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Mikron Tool has developed the CrazyDrill Flex, which achieves drilling depths up to 50 x D with integrated cooling which is indispensable for these extreme drilling depths, the company notes. Also new is an option especially for the machining of Titanium.
This drill keeps the special features of the flexibility of a HSS drill and the precision and long tool life of a solid carbide drill, the company states. This version also features a flexible center part between the drill section and the clamping shank—allowing the necessary elasticity to the tool which guarantees a sure-process drilling even under difficult circumstances (for example, drilling with alignment errors or under unstable circumstances).
The drill has 0.3 mm diameter and offers integrated cooling in the tool. The coolant is conducted through the shank and is therefore effective on every pecking and always guided directly to the cutting edge, independently of the tool length. Due to the special configuration and profile of the coolant holes, a very concentrated stream is achieved and able to clean the flutes. Also in case of high speed the coolant stream remains concentrated. Beside the conventional cutting oil, it’s also possible to apply an air-oil-mist lubrication.
The Flex drills are available in steps of one hundredth millimeter (from stock in steps of five hundredths millimeter) for drilling depths of 50 x D, as well as the shorter lengths of 20 x D and 30 x D.