Flexible ER Collet System

ER Collet System

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According to Techniks, the Flexible ER Collet System is designed to handle a wide range of machining tasks including: drilling, milling, coolant thru, tapping, and high-speed applications—all without the expense of buying new toolholders. The system consists of a “Techniks Certified” ER toolholder, ER precision collets, and a Power Coat nut.

Techniks Black Gold coolant rings and Power Coat coolant nuts are used to provide high pressure coolant without needing expensive coolant-thru cutting tools.

Techniks Rigid Tap, Floating Tap, and Quick-Change Tap Collets provide tapping capabilities without buying expensive tap holders and collets.

ER Precision and Ultra-Precision collets are available in sizes from ER8 through ER40. Toolholders are available for CAT, HSK, BT, and ISO spindle types. Each holder is “Techniks Certified” for accuracy and balance, and comes with an individual lab report of test results so the buyer can be assured of top quality.




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