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Mastercam Design

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Mastercam delivers a suite of shop-tested design tools—including 3D surfacing and solids. The streamlined CAD engine makes design work easier than ever before, the company notes. Mastercam Design streamlines modeling and editing geometry. It also supports advanced geometry creation, including NURBS curves and surfaces, 2D and 3D associative dimensioning, surface extension, blending, trimming, splitting, variable filleting, solid modeling, hybrid modeling, and so much more.
Mastercam’s 2D Dynamic Milling is greatly simplified with the introduction of Region Chaining. The user can now define the area for a 2D dynamic milling toolpath by simply selecting the face to be machined and face to be avoided. Mastercam treats the selections (even on open pockets) as complete machining chains. Mastercam also automatically recognizes intersections between wireframe geometry and solid edges.
New options provide greater control over solid/surface trim results. The program also lets the user strip the list of operations or features from a solid model, leaving it as a “brick” to prevent changes and protect your model.
Additionally, Mastercam can “nest” geometry along a vector. This feature can be particularly helpful when one is fitting parts between clamps and fixtures, according to the company.